George Miller, Corporate Writer
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Meet George
As a financial advisor, business owner and lead copywriter for financial and B2B firms since the 1970s, George learned from the street, boardrooms and kitchen tables, language that connects with the sentiments of business leaders, "Joe the plumber" clients and everyone in between. 

He's written books, seminars and workshops as a sales/marketing executive, speaker and corporate trainer. And with his financial background as a securities broker, he writes and speaks on faith-based personal finance.

As a volunteer lay minister, he's been a lector and ministry trainer in three Catholic megachurches in addition to holding leadership roles in other multiple ministries. His website, , is used by church leaders and worshippers nationally.
On the light side, he's a swimmer, cycler and past marathon runner, jazz buff, dancer, boat lover and joyfully married since college with three awesome grandsons (son and daughter-in-law are also pretty great too).
George's financial expertise and strong writing skills were an asset tto our company. He  is able to present complex financial subjects in a lively, entertaining ​and informative manner... ​​Don Philpott, President, Mediawise Communications U.S., Inc.

Thank you George, for your excellent financial presentation at our annual meeting in Palm Beach. Your evaluations were very good. I hope you will let me call upon you again for another presentation at one of my other medical groups."
Shelburn Wilkes, Wilkes Mgmt Associates

​​​​​​Mr. Miller, your presentation on maximizing retirement income was well prepared. We are most thankful for your taking time to join us and share your thoughts... 

Chevron Retirees Association