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Questions for You
The more I know about your organization, the better I'll convey
your voice the way you want your audiences to hear it. ​ 
Look over these questions. Then contact me and let's talk.
Your Organization:
  • ​What products and services do you offer?
  • What markets and demographics do you serve?
  • ​Who are your ideal clients, stakeholders, constituents
  • ​Your size/structure (national, regional, local)

​​​Your Brand:

  • ​​What is your company's purpose for existence?
  • What is the "why" of your purpose?
  • Your mission?
  • Your long-term vision?
  • Who are you? What's Your Story? 
  • ​How are you perceived in your markets? 
  • How are you distinguished from your competition?
  • ​In what unique ways do you serve your audiences? 
  • ​​What impact do you make on their lives?
  • What makes your staff eager to come to work? 
  • ​​How do they get enjoyment and satisfaction
  • What's the stuff inside your people that makes them special; their hearts, souls, God-given talents?​
Your Marketing:
  • Describe your marketing process: your A to Z steps.​​​
  • What are your communication channels for ongoing market contact and new prospect outreach?​
  • ​How do you measure your results?

Your Fundraising (non-profits):
  • What people (target markets) are you approaching?
  • ​What do you know about them?
  • ​What do you know that they know about you?
  • ​What do you want your next appeal to have them do?
  • ​How will you make your story engaging for them?
  • ​In what form(s) will you deliver your proposal (letter, email, web page, seminar, etc.)?
Your Content:​
  • What are your content goals?
  • On what channels do you deliver your content?
  • Where do your audiences go online?
  • What are their personas?
  • What are your objectives for each platform or channel?
  • What sources do you use for a flow of good content?
  • What editorial standards do you have in place?
  • What challenges do you face getting fresh content?
  • Where does your content come from?
  • What is your publishing schedule?
  • Does your content strategy keep your audiences engaged?
  • What do you do for them... educate, enlighten, entertain?
  • Do your objectives define what you want them to think, feel, do, or say as a result of reading your content?
  • How, where, when and why are they using your content?
  • Does it address their needs, concerns, questions, sentiments, issues and goals…what keeps them up at night… what they fear… what they misunderstand?
How Can I Help?
  • What projects are going on in your Company right now?
  • ​What are your project objectives?
  • What are your biggest project challenges?

         For a no-obligation phone chat, contact me.